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It doesn't get much fresher than this Lincoln Park cafe that serves a "raw foodist" menu. Raw foodists are vegans who don't cook their meals in order to keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. (The dietary benefits of raw food may not be documented, but one look at Karyn Calabrese should be all the proof you'll need.) Don't let the strict regime intimidate you. Calabrese, who is also the head chef, manages to be inventive without coming anywhere near a stove. Offerings include a wide variety of salads, a veggie burger, meatless meatloaf, juices and desserts. In addition to the cafe, Karyn's features a gift shop with "products for healthy living," including foot massagers, incense, books and vitamin supplements, and a day spa offering classes (Pilates, yoga) and therapies (massages, colonics). And cultivate inner beauty with a personal nutritional consultation.