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Jim's, the quintessential Chicago hot dog stand, which moved from its original Halsted Street address to a temporary location at 700 W. O' Brien Street to make way for the expansion of University of Illinois-Chicago, has now finally opened in their new permanent address. The original slightly shabby hot dog stand was the destination of choice for connoisseurs of Polish sausages heaped with onions from 1939-2001. Owner Gus Christopoulos tells us he does not use any old store-bought Polish, he has them custom-made with his own blend of spices. Another bestseller is the bone-in pork chop sandwich, which Christopoulos' father-in-law James Stefanovic, who ran the eatery until 1976, started serving in the late '40s. These sandwiches, which come loaded with mustard, onions and sport peppers are now a Chicago classic.