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A second Loop location of this sub shop offers the same selection of hot and cold subs as the original. The only difference here, aside from a bigger space, is that you'll have to declare your allegience to either the North Side or the South Side when ordering your sandwich, as each of the counters is decked out in either Cubs or Sox paraphanelia. (If you're indifferent, don't worry -- anyone can order from either line.) Displayed on boards above the counter, the menu includes hearty hand-held fare like the chipotle cheesesteak, made with grilled onions, peppers and chipotle mayo, and the Club Supreme stuffed with homemade roast beef, turkey, swiss cheese and bacon. Decorated with pictures of the Jersey Shore, the quick-service eatery, which has 12 suburban locations, offers plentiful seating if you'd like to linger over the last bite of your sandwich. For customers craving a lighter lunch, choose from wraps, salads and four-inch versions of some of the massive 15-inch subs.