Huaraches Dona Chio

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This subterranean Mexican eatery located in an Edgewater garden apartment specializes in made-to-order huaraches, gorditas and sopes, each hand-pressed from thick masa flour soaked in lime and fried on the spot. Large, flat huaraches are as big as your head; sopes are similar in taste to the huaraches but much smaller in size. Gorditas are folded like a thick taco. Toppings range from standard carne asada, chorizo and pastor to sesos (brain), flor de calabaza (sunflower) and chicharron en salsa verde (pork rinds stewed in green sauce). Quesadillas, tacos, burritos and tortas complete the legnthy menu. Wash it all down with Mexican Coke, Jarritos (Mexican fruit sodas), Jamaica (cold hibiscus flower tea), horchata (cinnamon-rice drink) or a fruit shake. Alcohol is not permitted.