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Hotcakes Caf� in Wilmette's village center is a cozy place offering homestyle, homemade breakfasts and lunch. A stack of steaming hotcakes stands in for the "O" in the Hotcakes sign painted on the front window. Diners sit at tables topped with green checkered cloths or at stools around the U-shaped counter. Murals depicting a cloudscape with rose-leaf garland brighten sunny-yellow walls. Your change is counted from the till in their vintage cash register. Baked goods are on display under see-through domes on pedestal cake plates. Check the marker board for daily specials, including the bread pudding french toast -- that's bread pudding that's sliced and grilled, then topped with syrup and powdered sugar. The popular California Scrambler includes three eggs, fresh asparagus, fresh basil, red onion, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Inside the toasted spinach sandwich is spinach, cheese, yogurt, celery, fennel and other veggies. Among the desserts: chocolate chip cake with cream cheese frosting. Baked goods are made right at the restaurant. They have burgers, sandwiches and salads at lunch. And, yes, they have hotcakes!