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This North Center place isn't short on Texas touches: Dusty old shutters cover one wall and chicken wire is the decorative element of choice--it's everywhere. Monster truck shows were showing on the TVs the night we visited, along with a creepy instructional video on exotic dancing. Order a Lonestar brew from the bartender standing on the elevated, horseshoe-shaped perch sticking out from the corner of the counter, much easier than trying to edge your way past the folks clogging the bar. Grab a seat at one of the high-tops in the front or head to the back, where you can snag one of several tall, half-circle booths.

From Prince to Skynyrd, the jukebox has you covered. Brew will run you $3-$4, call cocktails are $5-$6 and top-shelf booze is $7. This is a bar designed to dispose of pretense, so don't go in thinking you'll be overwhelmed by the variety of martini selections.