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Hopleaf gets its name from a beer advertised outside taverns in Malta, the home country of proprietor Michael Roper's father. But the tavern draws its inspiration, and its drafts, from another tiny European country: Belgium. Half of the bar's 200 beers come from there. "They're unique," says Roper. "The only place where old beer culture still lives is Belgium. A lot of them use wild yeast. A lot of them use wild fruits. There's a country of 6 million people with 1,000 beers." As further tribute to beer, Hopleaf's walls are decorated with original beer posters from the 1920s advertising Solanis, Biere Titan and other brands. The menu consists of typical Belgian bar fare--think moules frites and sandwiches, including smoked duck and ham-and-gruyere. A upcoming expansion will provide more space, plus a half-dozen wines on draft.