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The Kati roll is famous throughout all of India and now it's in Chicago. These fresh and authentic rolls are a staple in Indian Cuisine.  Bread is made fresh to order and all chutneys are made in house. There are no bottles used in the preparation of the cuisine.  Rolls come in three different proteins: lamb, chicken, and Paneer (artisan cheese).  The level of spice can be customized per order. New to the menu are non-vegetarian Bento boxes ($13) available for dine-in. Boxes include cumin flavored basmati rice, lentil soup, flatbread, a choice of protein (Chicken Tikka, Chicken Hariyali, Lamb Tikka, Lamb Hariyali, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Hariyali, Chickpea Tikka, Chickpea Hariyali), veg samosas, Indian sweet and spicy pickles, and an Indian salad. Visitors can still find the signature sandwiches and burgers like the Vegan Masala Tiki Burger, Lamb Shammi Burger and the Chicken Tikka Sandwich.