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Named for the Shel Silverstein "Me and My Giant", Chef Jason Vincent has created a big restaurant in a small space.The dining room—which features a wall of sharp angular wood inlays, patchwork-style yellow- and gray-quilted banquettes and menu boards with leather straps that allow them to hang on the side of your table should you want to order multiple rounds of food, is narrow with wall to wall seating. A pair of Gramovox vertical floating record players hover over the kitchen pass.  Throughout the night, the staff curates vinyl hits from folks like Curtis Mayfield and Color Me Badd. And frankly, there’s no better soundtrack for eating sea urchin gonads (more on those later) than “I Wanna Sex You Up.” Artwork includes a blown-up illustration and the first couple of stanzas from “Me and My Giant” as well as a painting of a woman strapping herself into an airplane seat while floating in mid-air Vincent’s new signature dish, the uni shooter is a deep-fried ball filled with sweetened condensed milk and uni (a.k.a. sea urchin roe). The charred carrots drip with uni butter, thai chili and tomato sofrito sauce, a crunchy hail of peanuts and flecks of scallion. There are also pecan-smoked ribs slathered with a sauce made from 40 very precisely weighed and measured ingredients. Giant’s wine options—which include a lot of crisp and fruity whites—are straight-up BFFs with Vincent’s food.