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Gene & Georgetti was founded in the heart of River North in 1941 by Gene Michelotti and his partner Alfredo Federighi, who was nicknamed “Georgetti” after a famous Italian cyclist. Gene & Georgetti is Chicago’s oldest and one of its finest steakhouses. Partners Gene and “Georgetti” worked hand in hand to establish the reputation of excellence that is continued through today. Together with a staff that embodies the word family; they work to maintain the tradition that defines this classic institution and proudly bring it into the future. Legends like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, & Lucille Ball as well as modern day celebrities like Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, along with international, national, and local politicians, have helped make Gene & Georgetti a classic old-time Chicago place to dine. The restaurant proudly boasts a legion of regular customers, some going back more than 50 years. A recipient of the DiRona award in 2001, (Distinguished Restaurants Of North America) – established in the 1990’s as the only non-profit inspections program in the world to exclusively evaluate fine dining restaurants the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Gene & Georgetti is proud to be the first steakhouse in Chicago to have won this prestigious award. Together with a loyal and dedicated staff, Tony and Marion Durpetti proudly maintain the tradition of quality and service that has defined G&G for over seven decades. Now, after more than 74 years of business in Downtown Chicago, Gene & Georgetti is proud to open their second location in Rosemont, Illinois.