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Located in a cozy nook of burgeoning Noble Square, Fort Willow serve a chef-driven and aromatic-rich cocktails, small plates and bowls. Drawing inspiration from the roots and traditions of iconic international culinary destinations from around the world, Executive Chef Deirdre Quinn, previously sous chef at Ada St. and DMK Restaurants’ Beverage Director, Scott Koehl, have developed menus that honor craveable, international flavors.   Cocktails inspired from far reaching places include the Caipifruta, with Novo Fogo Cachaça, lime and seasonal fruit; Tree Fort Punch, made with Stormy Night black tea, Amaro Abano, Amaro Averna, aged pisco and nutmeg; Bubble Tea, made with rye whiskey, coconut, blueberry and mint; and the FW Daiquiri, made with Asian Rum, fresh grapefruit, honey, yuzu, angostura bitters and Chinese five-spice.  The 2,500-square-foot restaurant is inspired by the adventure, comfort and privacy of a childhood tree fort. Morton and Kornick commissioned architect and designer Chris Talsma of Filoramo Talsma and local craftsman, Arlan DeRussy, to design and build the space. A tree made from wooden slats ‘grows’ from the floor; its branches a canopy over the intimate dining room.