Fornetto Mei

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Located in the Whitehall Hotel, Fornetto Mei (small oven) features a menu that is about 70 percent Italian and the rest Asian. Don't look for Italian-Asian fusion; Fornetto offers a straightforward menu that includes dishes from both cuisines, with a Marco Polo discovers the Silk Road approach (Fornetto's owners are Taiwanese). The appetizer menu includes Italian options like the cured salmon carpaccio, and Asian choices like the barbecued clams with pork, chiles and basil. The "oven" is the centerpiece wood-burning pizza oven, located in the restaurant's atrium overlooking Delaware St. Thin-crust pizzas include the Italian-flaired sausage, grape and goat cheese, and the Roman-style gorgonzola with Yukon Gold potatoes. Look for a warm ambience in the dining room, including French doors that open onto the sidewalk.