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At Flo, where there's folk, there's fire. The West Town place is both a gallery for folk art and a funky cafe that specializes in New Mexican cooking (there are subtle differences between this cuisine and Tex-Mex, or California Mex, or Mex Mex). Flo gets its peppers directly from a farmer in New Mexico, so the taste is as genuine as anything in Santa Fe. Weekday breakfast favorites include the breakfast burrito of eggs, cheese, jalapenos, salsa, roasted poblano and sour cream. Lunch specialties range from chicken caesar salad to grilled shrimp enchiladas. And brunchers, loosen your belts: Flo features a number of hearty Saturday and Sunday specialties, including the popular huevos rancheros (available for breakfast during the week as well.)

Dinner offerings keep in theme with catfish, stewed chicken or portabella tacos, and roasted chicken with mole. The wine list features almost two dozen selections with more than half available by the glass, a handful of beers (including Mexican favorite Negro Modelo) and cocktails ranging from fresh-lime Margaritas to homemade sangria.