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If it all feels familiar, it's not because that's your grandma's couch you're sitting on (though we wouldn't blame you for mistaking it for something out of her living room, circa 1952). This is actually the second incarnation of hipster coffee house Filter, which was located in Wicker Park’s Flat Iron building until it closed shop in 2007 to make way for a Bank of America branch. The concept here is the same as the original: reasonably priced cafe fare and quality coffee in a comfy lounge environment outfitted with cool mid-century pieces and thrift store finds. The new space, however, is larger—all the better to spread out with those laptops, novels and knitting projects. It’s also greener, built with recycled materials and outfitted with energy-efficient appliances and light fixtures (and even hand dryers and toilets). Filter even roasts coffee in house using a green system that reduces emissions by using oil from the coffee beans to fuel the machine.