Ethiopian Diamond II

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This Rogers Park eatery, an offshoot of Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant and Lounge in Edgewater, offers the same menu of classic Ethiopian classics stewed dishes eaten communally with the hands from large trays covered in injera, a traditional sponge-like bread. Popular options, which range in heat level from mild to extremely spicy, include gomen watt, collard greens simmered in a garlic-ginger sauce, and kitfo, a seasoned steak tartare popular in Ethiopia. Sunday brunch offers selections from the dinner menu mixed with breakfast fare such as fava beans with cracked wheat in Ethiopian spices. Owner Almaz Yigizaw says the restaurant, which is a bit cozier than the spacious original down on Broadway, looks like a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with its warm tones and carved woods throughout. A daily coffee ceremony, traditional hand washings and later hours also set this location apart from the original.