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Oversized windows, which slide open in good weather, coax in all available beams of sunlight, which bounce off the white-wood and white-brick walls. Walnut-colored wood tables, linen napkins, plank-look flooring and woven-basket fixtures speak to natural materials; suspended-ceiling hardware is repurposed as an industrial arbor, allowing green vines to snake overhead. Ema seats nearly 150 and offers an a la carte menu listing more than 30 dishes. There are hummus spreads at different spice levels, including one fortified with lamb ragu and spicy harissa, and housemade labneh (Lebanese cream cheese) with crushed almonds, lightly grilled grapes and honey. Another favorite is the halloumi, a brined cheese with a high melting point and a cheese-curd texture. Larger plates appear designed for more timid palates. There are kebabs in various forms, accented by tzatziki sauce or zhoug (spicy green pepper sauce), as the case may be. The rotisserie chicken offers clean and familiar flavors (and is the star of Ema's carryout kiosk adjacent to the dining room).