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The museum is located in an 1892 mansion, once the home of Henry and Lucy Glos (he was a prominent local banker and the village's first president). The Glos family donated the building to the town with the stipulation that it be used for a public purpose and it served as City Hall prior to its occupancy by local historians. The building, much altered over the years, has retained its leaded glass, parquet floors and other touches of Glos's time. Exhibits focus on more than 150 years of history in Elmhurst. "Visions of Home'' is a permanent exhibit on the history of the town from the time of its settlement in the 1830s to the present. The museum also has a changing exhibit schedule that explores many topics that affect the Elmhurst community--education, labor, architecture and others have been the focus of these carefully curated exhibits. The museum's large photo archive and extensive map collection (both going back nearly to Elmhurst's beginnings) are often used to illustrate local development. The library and research archive are useful for people doing genealogical or architectural research.