El Buren Carbbean Cuisine

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All the dishes are made fresh and in-house, from the Malanga chips that start each meal to Angel's cheesecake ($9) for dessert. In between are signature dishes from the region, including tostones rellenos ($8), an appetizer consisting of fried green plantains stuffed with shredded beef, shrimp, octopus and conch meat, the Cuban sandwich ($10), and pollo lamaiquino, or jerk chicken ($17). One of the specialties of the house is the Chuleta "Kan Kan" ($22), a Flintstone-sized Puerto Rican pork chop boasting a crispy rind, and the mofongo o trifongo relleno, a fried green banana dish that is stuffed with either shredded beef ($16), grilled chicken in a Creole sauce ($16), fried pork ($16) or shrimp in a Creole sauce ($18).  El Buren lures patrons with the promise of exotic flavors and atmosphere. Framed on the wall are vintage travel come-ons to Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. There are retro ads for cool-looking mojitos. Blue walls suggest the ocean and piped in regional music sets a spicy mood.  For those who feel like dancing, El Buren obliges on weekends at 10 p.m.