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This bar and restaurant boasts a fleet of 38 TVs to indulge avid sports watchers and happy hour revelers blowing off steam after work. A circular lounge in the center of the bar is bordered with leather couches and surrounded by flat-screen TVs; when they're not tuned to the sports game du jour, you might find 'em airing music videos or even funky artwork in the evenings. One of the bar's coolest features is a speakeasy-inspired revolving bookshelf passageway to a private party room. The dinner and late-night menu has fun with contemporary interpretations of classic favorites, such as a deconstructed gyro in the form of lamb carpaccio, or crab rangoon-inspired chips and dip. Smaller groups can take advantage of private viewing areas in the back of the bar, equipped with couches and TVs fit for a dozen or so friends.