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This inviting, two-room Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of Uptown quickly earned a loyal following. During the week, expect a casual neighborhood crowd. Weekends draw diners from around the city looking for some of the better Ethiopian fare in town. The menu features traditional stewed dishes such as ye-misir wot (a vegetarian in dish of red lentils stewed with onions and ginger in a rich, garlicky berbere sauce) and doro wot (lemon-marinated chicken drumsticks stewed in berbere sauce and served with a hard-boiled egg and ayib, Ethiopian cottage cheese). Ye-salmon dulet (chopped salmon with onion, garlic, green pepper and spices) is the house specialty, and all dishes are served with injera, the spongy sourdough flatbread that doubles as a serving utensil in Ethiopia. Demera roasts its own coffee, and traditional Ethiopian coffee service is available.