Dave & Buster's

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You can get lost for hours in this games complex, a high-energy, neon-lit emporium that whips together '50s-era carnival games, Vegas-style casino games, video games, virtual reality and other high-tech bells and whistles into a mind-numbing assault on the senses. The main attraction is the glitzy Million Dollar Midway on the second level. Here, patrons use game tickets to play a computerized version of blackjack (no wagering, please), challenge their reflexes in video games that simulate Alpine skiing or race car driving, and pit their wits against a computer opponent over a game of three-dimensional chess. You can also swing away at the indoor golf simulator, a "virtual" golf driving range that uses laser beams to calculate the ball's flight. And there are more traditional games, including pocket billiards and shuffleboard. The complex offers bars, restaurants and a showroom featuring karaoke, which is also available for corporate multimedia presentations.