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Scott Toth, owner of Lakeview's Pizzeria Serio, is behind this fast-casual spot, serving up pies made with hand-crushed imported tomatoes and fresh and shredded whole milk mozzarella mixed with hard-age cheeses. Toppings include locally sourced or Italian specialty meats like Craft's ingredient list includes candied bacon and truffle oil as well as pecorino romano, grana padano and gorgonzola cheeses, olive plates and antipasto. Of all the flavor combos at Craft, Toth said the most-ordered so far had been the neighborhood namesake Wicker Pork ($17 for the 14-inch size; $21 for 18-inch) pizza featuring Canadian bacon, pineapple and curls of red onion. The interplay of smoke from the bacon and sweetness from the pineapple and onion made it my favorite as well. The Devil in the White City pie ($20 for 14-inch size $24; for 18-inch) featured capicola, hot cherry peppers, peperoncini, black pepper, garlic and red onion. Fans of Bagel on Damen, which formerly occupied this space, can still get their fix on weekends when they'll serve New York-style boil and bake bagels along with coffee from Sparrow Coffee Roastery.