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As soon as guests walk in, they recognize they are in for a different and imaginative experience. The walls feature large, colorful murals from local artists. The wood floors and rustic atmosphere is homespun and the joyful laughs of guests permeate the room. T&B Grill is BYOB and the restaurant offers several homemade drink mixes, served by the glass or half-carafe, so guests can combine them with their favorite liquor to make delicious cocktails. Mancines begins his menu with a collection of first-rate appetizers. His homemade guacamole is served with crispy jalapeño and chipotle chips ($7), made from flour tortillas rather than corn. Mac and Cheese lovers can indulge, choosing between Crab or Shrimp ($8.50). The Mac and Cheese is served with veggies and guests can add smoked bacon for an extra dollar. The Quesadillas are available with steak, duck, chorizo, fish or veggies ($8), or with shrimp ($9). They are served with chipotle and cilantro flour tortillas, Chihuahua cheese and fresh guacamole, and topped with pico de gallo and chipotle sour cream. The Brussels Sprouts ($6.50) work well as either an appetizer or side dish, prepared with smoked bacon and truffle balsamic glaze. When Mancines turns his attention to the burgers, he doesn’t come up short in any way. The regular-sized burgers are made with a half-pound of meat, freshly ground in-house. Not only is beef on the burger menu, but also bison, turkey and black beans. All burgers also are available as mini-burgers, prepared with a quarter-pound of meat ($5 per mini-burger, any style). The burgers are served with a generous portion of fresh hand-cut French fries. Guests can order Parmesan fries, truffle fries or sweet potato fries for an additional $3 ($1.50 additional with mini-burgers). The dessert menu—all are made in-house—is  surprisingly sophisticated for a taco and burger restaurant. The centerpiece is the Chocolate Soufflé ($6.50), served with vanilla bean ice cream and a touch of black truffle. Other beautifully presented specialties include Crème Brûlee ($6), a saffron crème brûlee finished with caramelized brown sugar and fresh berries; Tiramisu ($5), with coffe de olla, mascarpone cheese and dark chocolate; fresh Beignets ($4) with choice of chocolate, mix berries sauce or fresh berries on top; and a revolving selection of seasonal gelato ($4). Editor's Note: As of 10/30/17 this location is closed.