CLOSED: Double Door

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Double Door's pedigree -- it's Metro's smaller sister club -- is easily identified by the impressive bookings and comfortable atmosphere. This is primarily a rock club for people who like to see live music in intimate quarters, though the club's hip-hop, Latin, new-country, and electronic offerings are equally successful. Featuring everything from local bands with promise to established touring acts to superstars like the Rolling Stones (fer real -- the STONES!), Double Door's booking power is unequaled for a club its size. With the feel of a rehearsal room/basement, the club's sound system and layout are prime for music lovers (though sometimes harder on shorter music fans stuck in the back). You'll stand, with drink in hand, but the raised stage, open view, and mostly excellent bookings are worth it. The long bar that lines the west wall of the club should be easier to get a drink from, although the small downstairs bar is always a good alternative. While down there, you can keep an eye on the show via ceiling-mounted monitors or play some pool. Located in the heart of Wicker Park, there are plenty of auxiliary activities. Editor's Note: As of 2/6/17 this venue is closed.