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Prolific and intrepid, this storefront company is not afraid to tackle controversial fare (including gay-themed programming like "The Journey," Karen Skinner's memoir of comforting a theater artist and friend with AIDS). The theater has also produced musicals, full-scale operas, neglected musicals, mainstream classics like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and thrillers like "My Sister in This House." It specializes in original musical parodies like "Satan's School for Girls." Recent Jeff Award-winning productions for the company include the musical "Stripped" and Rebecca Gilman's "Crime of the Century." As of September, 2010, the company moves from its 21-year residency at 7300 Madison St. (Forest Park) to temporary digs down the block in the Village Players' Oak Park River Forest Performing Arts Center until 2012, when its new space will be completed.