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There are dozens of things to eat and drink here before you get down to the main business of your visit: consuming a slice of one of the 34 flavors of cheesecake. You can start with a grilled vegetable pizza and finish with white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. Or you can go from crusted filet of salmon to chocolate mousse cheesecake. Or have fettucini with sun-dried tomatoes as your entree and double chocolate upside-down Jack Daniels cheesecake for dessert. They also serve fudge cake, carrot cake, mud pie and ice cream sundaes for diners who -- inexplicably -- might not want cheesecake. Decor is dream-like. "I hear a lot of people say we look like we're inside of a cheesecake," manager Tammy Gerwatowski says. "A lot of kids say it's like an Alice in Wonderland place."