Cemitas Puebla

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This Humboldt Park spot offers authentic foods from Puebla, Mexico, the land of mole. The menu includes a variety of mole dishes, including the signature mole poblano, a dish of chicken legs smothered with a slightly sweet mole sauce then topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and served with rice and tortillas. Other choices include tacos arabes, a tortilla that's a almost as thick as pita bread and stuffed with pork and chipotle salsa, tacos orientales, the same pork and chipotle combo served on a standard corn tortilla, and tacos de cecina, a dried beef that's similar to beef jerky but less salty. Other specialties include cemitas, Mexican sandwiches that are popular street fare in Puebla, but hard to find in Chicago. The cemita is a crusty sesame seed roll stuffed with avocado, chipotle peppers, queso Oaxaca, papalo (an herb similar to cilantro that's only available in the summer months), with meat choices like breaded pork milanesa.