Buckingham Fountain

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Grant Park's Buckingham Fountain, a Beaux Arts vision in Georgia pink marble embellished with four bronze seahorses, was presented to the city in 1927, a gift from Kate Buckingham in honor of her brother, Clarence. It's still a show-stopper--and traffic stopper, as motorists on Lake Shore and Columbus Drives brake to enjoy the sight of its 150-foot plume of water, from May 1 (earlier if weather allows) till mid-October. Nearby beds of rosebushes add to the romantic aura on summer evenings, when the fountain is lit with 780 colored lights that interact with music recorded by the Grant Park Symphony and Chorus. There are four pavilions in the fountain area: two serve food and two contain restrooms. Numerous private boat tours leave from neaby Monroe Harbor. (The fountain sits at the approximate origination point for former U.S. Route 66.)