Bronzeville Jerk Shack

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Enjoy the sights, smells and sounds straight from neighborhoods of Jamaica. Jerk is a cooking technique first mastered in the 1600s and served up now with a modern flair in an urban setting.  Whole chickens are butchered in-house, marinated overnight and partly cooked on a grill. The parts are then smoked and eventually finished to order back on the grill. If you want more heat, Johnson has developed a vinegar-based jerk sauce served on the side that’s ripe with the citrus-kissed heat of scotch bonnet peppers. The space features a fire-engine red garage door that swings up to create a breezy al fresco scene come summertime. Inside, the chocolate-colored, rough-hewn tables serve as a gathering place for all. Bronzeville also serves up Ting. A Squirt-esque drink with more grapefruit flavor to pack an extra punch.  Housemade hibiscus punch is offered along with a selection of ginger beer.