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This sweet 50-seat spot aims to please Oak Park locals with elevated casual eats, a swanky all-ages atmosphere, funky tunes and a blue-jeans dress code. Chances are you'll want to pronounce this name with Spanish flair (bree-ay-ho, perhaps?), but it's actually just the phonetic "bree-joe," a made-up name that took root with owner Brigette Lytle's childhood nickname, Brie. Lytle, an Oak Park resident, has collaborated with two other Chicago dining industry forces: Jody Andre (Speakeasy, Tomboy) and Linda Raydl (Tomboy). Wisconsinites will happily find deep-fried cheese curds on the appetizer menu, and entrees range from lavender-honey duck breast with glazed pears and brussel sprouts and veggie-studded risotto.