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In Winnetka's Hubbard Woods district. Fifties-influenced decor. On the menu: all-day breakfasts, a dozen different burgers, triple-decker club sandwiches, soups, salads; dinners include steaks, chops, meatloaf, shish kebab. From the fountain: shakes, malts and floats. The white walls are kinda bare, but the black-and-white linoleum tile floor and candy apple red-and-white vinyl upholstery in the booths liven things up. Busy on Sundays with the after-church crowd. Directly across Green Bay Rd. from the park where they filmed the "Home Alone" scene in which the movie's Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) having absconded with a toothbrush from the now-closed Hubbard Woods Pharmacy, slides on his knees through the ice skaters to escape the police.