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Do you prefer your western shirts from Barneys? Your whiskeys from boutique distilleries? And your tacos with organic, sustainable ingredients? Yes? Then saddle up, monsieur! You'll fit right in at the most meticulously assembled, shabby-oh-so-chic honky-tonk taqueria this side of the Rio Grande. (Probably on the other side too.) A group of powerhouse entrepreneurs (Donnie Madia, Terry Alexander, Peter Garfield, Paul Kahan, Edward Seitan) who have had their hands in everything from Danny's Tavern to Blackbird have set up their latest can't-miss spot in the former Pontiac space. Expect a raw look (concrete floor, wooden booths, exposed lightbulbs) and bartenders playing country LPs on turntables behind the bar. To drink, it's all about lesser-known whiskeys, tequilas and cheap brews. To eat? A handful of simply made (and simply delicious) tacos and tostadas courtesy of Kahan and Justin Large (sous chef at Avec), which you can order in the bar or stroll by and grab from a pickup window. The 125-seat patio is now open for the season and will be sure to be a big draw all summer. Tip: Cash only here, folks. There's an ATM right by the door.