Big Boss Spicy Fried Chicken

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Inspired by Nashville hot chicken and fried chicken found in Belize, Big Boss Spicy Fried Chicken is made with a blend of seven chiles — including ghost pepper, jalapeno and bell pepper — and comes in five heat levels. You can get a quarter or half bird, tenders or wings, and you choose how spicy you want it. Then, add a dipping sauce, such as ranch, Buffalo, ketchup or spicy chile. The chicken comes in sandwich form too. Go for the Big Boss, which features a butter bun, coleslaw and a piece of comically large boneless spicy chicken at the spice level of your choosing. If you’re not looking for fried chicken, there are also two meal boxes that come with salad, rice and sweet potato. Choose from the curry chicken with potato and pepper in a spicy curry sauce, or the braised chicken, a boneless piece of chicken with teriyaki sauce. You’ll find nods to Lee’s Chinese background in the fragrant and spicy popcorn chicken, inspired by the Taiwanese version, but with the restaurant’s signature spice blend instead of five spice. And there are two Chinese-inspired drinks, a summery passion fruit green tea to aid digestion, and First Crush, which is inspired by mung bean soup, a traditional Chinese dish typically eaten after consuming fried, greasy or spicy foods to soothe, cool and balance out the body, according to Chinese medicine.