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This tiny Mexican storefront spot in Geneva has gained major cred with foodies in the Fox River Valley and beyond (and yes, Spanish speakers, the name does translate to "good trout"). Situated next to a hair salon in a lackluster downtown Geneva address, it doesn't look like much from the outside, but step inside to find a cozy, clean-cut dining room with just three or four tables (depending on how they have them situated at the time) set with wooden stools our wrought-iron chairs. Expect that every salsa, mole and marinated meat is made by hand in the kitchen just a few feet away. You can also expect a wait on most weekend nights; there's no room to linger inside, so hand over your cell phone to the hostess and head to a neighboring bar for the interim.

When you're seated, start with the guacamole del dia, featuring fresh fruit such as watermelon or blueberries to add a hint of sweetness to the rich and spicy mash. Move on to soups or cazuelitas, petite troughs of melted chihuahua cheese with wild mushrooms or roasted poblano pepper, served with warm tortillas to sop it up. Move on to the tacos or the tortas, Mexican sandwiches served on telera bread and packed with fillings such as adobo-marinated pork and pineapple or spicy house-made chorizo and chipotle aioli. Tacos, made from coaster-sized tortillas, come in sets of four served on adorable wood planks; do your party a service and order a few kinds to share.