Beograd Cafe & Restaurant

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This charming Serbian cafe in Irving Park offers authentic eats at reasonable prices. Serbian music plays throughout the dining room, where Serbian-Americans and other regulars enjoy burek, phyllo dough pie offered in cheese, meat, spinach and pizza varieties. Other authentic faves include przenice, egg-baked bread, sarma, sour cabbage rolls stuffed with spiced ground beef and rice, and chevapchichi, char-broiled sausages made of mixed ground meat. Dessert lovers will swoon over sweets such as jaffa cake, a double layer of chocolate-orange biscuits divided by cream, Swiss chocolate and walnuts, as well as a variety of signature crepes filled with fruit, nuts and Nutella. Coffee comes in domestic (brewed) and European (instant) varieties. If you're looking for meats and sausages, pastries or other Serbain foodstuffs to go, pop next door to Beograd Meat Market.