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The company offers a no-hormone, no-additive, no-pesticide approach to ingredient sourcing. They stick to fair-trade, non-GMO stuff whenever possible. The logo, which features a wavy font and a bear riding a big-wheel bike, looks like it was cribbed from a Grateful Dead tour poster. The menu touts stuff like “crops” and “greens,” and the dining room has a Chicago flag made out of flower prints. A hodgepodge of colorful lampshades hangs from the ceiling. In other words, it’s totally groovy. There are chicken and burger options and both offer a variety of toppings. from brussels sprouts and grilled pineaple to wild mushrooms and house bbq sauce. Unlike most burger spots, Bareburger has a full bar. The beer list features 12 local brews on tap, including a coppery-colored Temperance Beer Co. Smittytown extra special bitter ($5), which drinks like a clean, punchy lager and paired well with the burgers. There’s also a full cocktail list, which features a mai tai ($10) bursting with tropical notes.