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This Ukrainian Village BYOB has perky yellow walls decorated with scenes from nature -- an interest of the owner Al Banifazl, who left a decades-long career in corporate America to return to his roots as a restaurantuer and open this homey neighborhood spot. The silouetted birds and trees mural provides a cheerful backdrop to its menu of soups, salads, pizzas and wraps, along with house-baked barbari -- a type of Persian flatbread that comes sliced with every soup and salad. Make sure to try the pomegrante soup with beets, or the veggie pot soup with fresh herbs, vegetables and legumes. Vegetarian options abound, from the eggplant kashk blended with yogurt cream to the arugula salad with shavings of parmigiano-reggiano cheese. But there are also meat-loving creations such as the sausage and mushroom pizza (with sausage made from West Town's Bari Foods) or the salad Olivia made with chopped chicken breast with golden potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and mayo. To drink, there's double-brewed aromatic black tea, herbal teas or soft drinks.