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Between the airy space and the coastal plates meant to fuel a nightly gathering of friends and family, Worsham, who co-owns mfk with wife Sari Zernich Worsham, said their newest endeavor will treat food the way people in Spain and France do. The menu features pintxos, small bites traditionally taken from and eaten at the bar in northern Spain, with items like grilled chicken livers and white anchovy with grilled asparagus and haricot vert. These small plates, meant to be eaten with a glass of wine, will be served 3-6 p.m., dressed up for dinner service and then served again late at night. Bar Biscay also serves seafood, such as oysters on the half shell, cockles, head-on prawns with avocado and a paprika chile, and Spanish conservas, which are tinned seafood. Each day also features a stew — on opening night, they served one with pork shoulder, duck, beans, saffron stock and chicken stock, paired with a hunk of country-style bread and a salad featuring Manila clams.