Bad Hunter

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With a wall of patio doors and transom windows, this greenhouse-meets-restaurant is accented with caramel-colored furniture, vines cascading down white-washed brick and an oblong washbasin in the center of the room that’s stuffed with grassy plants. Though veggies are the star at cleverly named Bad Hunter, don’t call it a vegetarian restaurant. Vegetable-focused is more fitting, which is the team’s way of encouraging diners to keep an open mind when approaching the meal, said executive chef Dan Snowden. The menu of mainstays features a selection of imaginative vegetable dishes, some that are vegan or can be made that way, from refreshing beet tartare to hearty saffron farfalle with root vegetable bolognese. The daily menu of rotating seasonal options offers a variety of protein, such as the sirloin skewer with chile salt, Yukon potatoes and sesame and lamb merguez sausage with cucumber, pomegranate, tahini and sumac. The menu also has its fair share of indulgent offerings, proving that vegetables are what you make them. For instance, the tempura-fried lemons and delicata squash play with Italian flavors and are not to be missed. Rich tempura batter evens out the acidity of the citrus, and you almost don’t even need the dipping sauce of soy, balsamic and hazelnut oil.