Architectural Artifacts

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Snuggled up against the Metra regional train tracks, Architectural Artifacts is a 80,000-square-foot warehouse filled with gargoyles, fireplace mantels, English garden pots, fountains, Art Deco bird cages, church steeples, benches and other architectural treasures and curiosities from Chicago buildings and from Europe. On a recent visit, one of the most breathtaking sights was the enormous heading of the old Sheridan Theater, a battle scene of warriors and horses set against a stunning blue backdrop. It has been pieced back together and leans against a wall in the outside lot, where it runs almost the full length of the building. If you don't have room in your Blazer or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your wallet for that tidbit or for the original John La Farge stained glass window with a half-million-dollar price tag, there are many other, more affordable pieces that will also catch your eye.