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Alinea was named #6 on London-based Restaurant magazine's annual ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Only eight restaurants in North America made the list, Alinea being the highest ranked of those eight. Read more on Chicago Tribune's report.

Alinea's reputation as one of the world's top restaurants is well-deserved. Celebrity chef Grant Achatz, whose kitchen is filled with the country's most-prestigious culinary awards, elevates what some would call sci-fi food by offering elegance, depth and, most important, flavor. The 14-16-course dinner menu can take nearly four hours to finish and costs $195 per person, with wine pairings running an additional $150 or so. The ambience is suitably sophisticated, with muted grays and earth tones dominating, and an upper-level dining room, which on some evenings fills with soft shades of pink from the setting sun. Servers have garnered a rep for severity as these well-trained acrobats try to manage the perfect timing and pacing for these made-to-order culinary works of art.