5411 Empanadas

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In 2012, this food truck will get some more permanent digs in Lincoln Park. Co-owner Nicolas Ibarzabal said he hopes to open the Clark Street store front before springtime, but was not ready to disclose the address. The food truck will keep on rolling like usual, but at the restaurant you can find a few additional surprises in addition to empanadas. Come lunchtime, this old-school delivery truck (simply emblazoned with the word "empandas") can be found in various neighborhoods around the city bringing traditional Argentine pastries to hungry lunchers. Deep fried and oven baked, there are six different flavors of empandas served daily, with ingredients including beef, BBQ chicken, spinach and cheese, ham and cheese, corn and sweet onions. But unlike other trucks that spend the day cruising around, this biz has a dedicated clientele in downtown office workers, who have parties or events catered full of the little puff pastries. They're also popular with sports nuts looking for something easy and cheap. (At just $2 a pop, these snacks definitely fit the bill.)