Updated 8:34 am, December 14, 2018

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Chipotle Try the legendary quesarito, a burrito grilled inside a cheese quesadilla (which may need clarification at certain locations). Tip: Avoid the lunch rush to allow time for the quesarito assembly.

Ginza Ask for the secret izakaya-style Japanese menu, which might require some translation.

GT Fish and Oyster Not a fan of mayo? On certain nights, this seafood spot offers up Connecticut-style lobster rolls (lobster in drawn butter, served in a lightly grilled Labriola roll).

M Burger The secret milkshake menu varies every month; ask for the latest flavor at the counter. Past shakes have included butterscotch, mint and double espresso.

Michael Jordan's Steak House Available only in the first-level bar, only on weeknights, only after 10 p.m. and only by request, the Killer B burger combines beef, bacon, bourbon and blue cheese, says executive chef James O'Donnell. And if your arterial walls haven't constricted sufficiently, it comes with a bourbon milkshake. Read Phil Vettel's Killer B review.

Phil's Last Stand The secret to Phil's secret menu is to go with your gut. Filled with burgers like the Fatso con Huevos (the Fatso burger topped with a fried egg) and Phil's Special (a hot dog stuffed inside of a Polish sausage and covered in mac and cheese), these massive dishes are best eaten on an empty stomach.

Potbelly Try the Wrecking Ball, a carnivorous creation that combines the Wreck (salami, roast beef, turkey, ham and Swiss) and the Meatball sandwiches. Want it spicy? Order the Fireball (the Meatball sub topped with peppers).

Sticky Rice Ask for the Thai menu for authentic Northern options like catfish in a hot and sour curry, garlic-ginger pork and chili and stir-fried meats and veggies in red chili paste.

Stout Barrel House Two words: Lobster pizza. Call ahead to request the extra-special dish for dinner.

Sun Wah BBQ In addition to its already extensive menu, this beloved barbecue restaurant serves special dishes like Mike's Chicken (deep-fried roast chicken with a crispy skin) and duck egg foo yung (an omelette with slices of duck and vegetables, covered in a rich gravy).

TAC Quick The secret menu isn't so secret (it's posted online), but offers hard-to-find authentic Thai dishes like boat noodles and brisket in a spicy broth, shrimp pad Thai omelette and deep-fried Thai chicken.