Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How do I get listed on Metromix?
    You’ve got two easy options, and they’re both free: Send a press release with all pertinent details to us here:; or login and fill out the form to submit an event or submit a venue.
  • Why should you create your listing?
    Metromix is your go-to guide for all the best things to do and places to go in the city and suburbs. The extensive database covers all the hottest restaurants and bars for a night on the town to event and theater listings for the whole family to enjoy. Make sure that your venue or event reaches your potential customers by creating your listing.
  • When will you post my event or venue on Metromix?
    Listings do not go live immediately, but we should be able to get yours posted within a few days.
  • How will I know when my event or venue listing is posted?
    You can search for your event or venue online at
  • Why didn’t you post my event?
    Metromix is an entertainment guide, so we do our best to feature fun things to do in the city and suburbs that are open to the public with no membership requirements. This may exclude some events that are, for example, more educational in nature – such as medical seminars – or focused on specific services, such as support groups. Our intention here is not to dismiss the value of any event. Rather, we want to be consistent in our coverage. If you think your listing was omitted in error, please let us know.
  • Why didn’t you post my venue?
    It’s possible that your venue falls outside of our targeted coverage area. Although we do list a lot of businesses, such as restaurants, theaters and bars, Metromix is not a business directory, but an entertainment guide to the city and suburbs. If you think your listing was omitted in error, please let us know.
  • My business offers great deals and specials. How can I get those listed?
    We give business owners and managers direct access to this content (except the venue description, which is editorial content). Now through our enhanced listings package, which also includes social media integration, video, notes from the owner, plus a whole lot more. Login and learn more about our enhanced listings package.
  • Do you list suburban events and venues?
    Yes! Metromix has expanded its reach and we’re excited to cover things to do and places to go in all of Chicago’s suburbs. We’re including content for kids and families now, too!
  • Why did you edit my listing? I liked it better the way I had it.
    We have specific style guidelines for all content on Metromix, so please don’t take our edits personally! We edit everyone’s listings, including our own, to fit our style guidelines. If you would like to post additional information about your venue or event, in your own words, login and check out our enhanced listings package.
  • How can I change details about my event or venue?
    We love it when you keep us in the loop! To update your event or venue, you can claim your listing—for free!—and change event details such as time, date and price, or venue details like meals served and cuisine type. You can also submit suggestions for other changes to the description and upload a photo, video, social media stream and much more.
  • How do I claim a listing?
    To claim your listing, search for your venue or event by name (be sure to search all possible spellings). When your listing page appears, click on the ‘Claim this listing’ button on the photo. You will need to be logged-in (links to log-in) to the site (if you do not have a log-in, click on register (links to register) to create one). You will then be directed to our listing packages page, where you can select your package and get going customizing your listing.

Enhanced Listings Questions

  • How do I edit my basic information?
    Once you are at your edit listing page, under ‘Edit Basic Information’ input your information for hours, outdoor seating, alcohol, capacity, price range, cuisine, meals served, and live music.
  • How do I submit photos?
    On your edit listing page, find the ‘Add a photo’ area. Click browse and locate the picture from your folders or desktop. Once the link is present, click upload. If you have a free listing, you can upload 3 photos and if you have a gold listing, you can upload 10 photos.
  • I am trying to upload my photos and it is not working, what do I do?
    Ensure that your photo is the proper format. It must be a .jpg and no bigger than 100 KB. If you are still having issues, please send email to METROMIX@METROMIX.COM.
  • How do I get my restaurant’s menu to be a part of my listing?
    Once you list your restaurant with Metromix, we will automatically feed in your menu in our standard template. We partner with our good friends at Single Platform to provide this service. If for some reason we do not have your menu on your listing page or you have changes, please contact us at
  • How do I put a link to sell tickets on my event page?
    Selling tickets to your event is a feature of our Enhanced Event Listing package. In order to sell tickets to your event, you must first login and claim your event listing. Once you’ve found & claimed your event listing, you can enhance your event in order to sell your tickets from your event listing page.
  • If I don’t currently have a ticket vendor, is there still a way to sell tickets to my event?
    Yes. Within the edit page of your event listing is a link to our partner EventBrite. Click on the link and you will be directed to their site. Here you can setup an account to enable users to purchase tickets online. Simply paste the unique URL EventBrite provides for you into the purchase tickets section of your Metromix event edit page.
  • How do I have consumers contact me to book private parties?
    If you are a gold package member, consumers can click a button under the ‘Book Private Parties‘ tab to send their contact information to you and be contacted to receive more information. We also suggest listing your party contact #, so that a potential customer can contact you immediately, if desired.
  • How do I update my specials or promotions and what information should I put in this tab?
    When on the edit page of your listing, under the ‘Add Specials’ or ‘Promotions’ areas, input your venue specials or event promotions for each day. This is a great opportunity to entice potential customers and can be updated at any point to highlight new offerings. If a day is left blank, it will not appear on the page.
  • What type of notes should I put in the ‘Notes from the Owner’ section?
    This is an opportunity to further connect with a potential customer. Share news about your venue or event – any updates such as a new beer garden, concert, etc. and further promote what makes your venue or event unique.
  • What is preferred search and what type of keywords should I choose?
    Preferred search relates mostly to venues. It causes your listing to appear higher when someone is searching within Metromix for a particular type of cuisine or bar in a certain area. (Ex: Lincoln Park pizza or River North sports bar). Choose terms that best describes your venue. Gold level listings include a maximum of three keywords.
  • What are meta keywords and what type of keywords should I choose?
    Meta keywords helps search engines like google, yahoo, and bing know what kind of venue you are. For example, an Italian restaurant would include things like “pizza, pasta, spaghetti & meatballs, as well as your event or venue name. These keywords help the search engines better know what your Metromix page is all about.
  • How do I submit a video?
    Only upgraded venues can upload a video. From the edit page of your venue, paste in the url from a video player (such as Vimeo or Youtube).
  • How do I stream my social media on my listing?
    Within your listing edit page, there are instructions on how to link your social feeds to your Metromix listing. This feature is reserved for gold package levels only.
  • What types of social media can I stream?
    Facebook and Twitter.

Technical Difficulties

Billing Issues

  • I got double-billed last month. What do I do?
  • How will this appear on my credit card statement?
    Metromix charges will appear as MMXChicago on your credit card statement.


Still have questions for us? Contact us directly.