Nightmares on Lincoln Ave: Slasher High

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Nightmares on Lincoln Ave: Slasher High follows a group of students through their first days of classes at the prestigious Slasher High. Join Jaxxson Fiveshes, Nickeldumb, Nail Noggin and their classmates as they navigate the terrors of high school.  If Murder 101, Stabbing Class, and living up to your parents’ expectations weren’t enough, now there’s a serial killer killing serial killers loose on school grounds. Will these novice slayers be able to stop the killer and save their friends?   With spooks and scares, creepy carnival scenes to camp killers, this slash-tacular adventure will take you on a gloriously bloody ride through a classic horror genre.  Complete with a twist that is guaranteed to shock even the most devout of slasher fans.  BYOB