'Gator Bait
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‘Gator Bait has been grossing out and equal opportunity offending audiences for weeks and they want more! So in the tradition of giving the people what they want, A Reasonable Facsimile Theatre Company and Corn Productions announce the extension of their co-production ‘Gator Bait. 'Gator Bait is a hilarious send-up of that infamous 70's cult classic, starring popular Playboy Playmate Claudia Jenning's whose star turn ensured this action-packed and badly acted would live in infamy until we surpassed the movie with a live version that will that will be burned into your retinas forever (luckily we’re BYOB)! Bayou Wildcat, Desiree, lives deep in the swamp, hunting gators to feed her family. Her swamp slut sexuality lures Ben Trapper and Billy, the Sheriff's son, deep into the swamp searching for some Bayou bung. When the evil Trapper family murder Desiree's sister, an old-time, full-on, Southern-style blood feud begins and the death toll starts to climb. Will Desiree be able to avenge her family? Will T.J. Trapper ever figure out which of his sons has an IQ over 50? Will the Sheriff ever admit his son's a little light in the work boots? Does gator really taste like chicken? Come along with ARFTCo. and Corn on this wickedly funny and politically incorrect romp through the Southland.