Yo Joe's Red Hots

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Cubs pride looms large at Yo-Joe's. Painted signs on doors and exterior walls proclaim the need to win a World Series, and attest to the unshakable loyalty of the Cub fan. Add to these affirmations a riotous yellow-and-red paint job and this corner hot-dog stand is impossible to miss. Baseball support and color scheme aside, Yo-Joe's does a great job serving up Chicago-style chow. Hot dogs, Polish sausage, burgers, 'cheezy beefs' and chili are just a few of the selections. The required side of fries can be had in one of eight ways, the most challenging being topped with sour cream and chives. Yo-Joe's has been at it since 1969 (when the Cubs came 'oh-so-close'), and, like the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, gives everyone a great outdoor spot for fun. An ivy-covered pavilion around the corner from the stand has plenty of picnic tables for folks who want to sit and eat (a prime spot, since there is no seating inside). Otherwise, wait on the corner of Addison for the bus, and hop it down to Wrigley for an afternoon game with a sack of great grub in hand.