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The name of this fry-tastic eatery is the product of a 1982 contest in which local grade-school students submitted their best ideas. Clever name aside, the place has been serving up heart-stopping fried delicacies since 1975. Specialties such as dippin dogs (beef hot dogs hand-dipped in cornmeal batter), country-fried bacon (breaded-and-fried bacon served with hot sauce and Argentine garlic and herb sauce), country-fried gyros (breaded-and-fried gyro meat served with cucumber sauce) and deep-fried pickle chips (coated in secret seasonings and, yes, fried) are popular choices. House-made dipping sauces add oomph to hand-cut Idaho potato fries. There are nine varieties: Texas ranch, curry ketchup, chipotle ketchup, spicy aioli, garlic aioli, muffuletta olive, Argentine garlic and herb, honey mustard, and hot mustard. Feeling dangerous?  The 911 cheeseburger has nine patties, 11 slices of cheese and weighs in at three pounds. Defibrillator not included.