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This friendly Ravenswood BYO offers all-vegan eats with a focus on Thai cuisine. The space inside is fairly tight with just 16 seats, but the menu couldn’t be more expansive – you’ll find Thai rice dishes, noodle dishes and appetizers, along with a few American-style items like burgers and wraps. The massive Praram’s Plate includes brown rice, salad, two spring rolls and pan-fried soy “chicken” with peanut sauce and spinach. Another favorite is the P.E.T, with pumpkin, eggplant and steamed tofu in garlic sauce with bell pepper, basil and chili. There’s a sharp focus on soy-based meat substitutes here -- faux chicken, bacon or beef can be added to any meal; for example in the Chu Chee with soy “shrimp” sautéed in a coconut puree and topped with kaffir.