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Since 1954 owner Diran Soulian has been a fixture at the grill of this Beverly landmark. And for just as long, Top Notch has been a neighborhood choice for family meals, as well as for meeting-and-eating among friends. Posters featuring Hollywood celebrities such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe enhance the smallish restaurant's authentic 1950s feel, but the real stars are the eatery's signature juicy burgers--made with round steak that is ground daily. Hearty food in a relaxed, casual atmosphere is the rule, with jeans and T-shirts the predominant fashion. If you're in a hurry, take-outs are almost as common as dine-ins, but allow extra time for either on Saturday, which is Top Notch's busiest day. However, service is good, and your wait for a booth or a spot at the counter is often less than 20 minutes.